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C O M P A C T & L U X U R Y

First Cabin is a new compact hotel which imagined the first class of airplane.
The compact high-class space has a sense of security and comfortable features,
We will offer it to everyone as new future type hotel which has never existed.


A careful design
All rooms in the facility to use, such as the reception desk, front lounge, etc., are designed in total. It is comfortable and comfortable to use.


High hospitality
We will offer you maximum hospitality in all scenes from welcoming you back to your return. Please spend it comfortably.


Secure security for women
Because the inside of the hall is divided into a male area and a female area, one woman's customer can use it with confidence.
* Except premium class cabin


Further lodging experiences promised by First Cabin

Ample amenities

General amenities such as cabin wear, body towels etc. are arranged side by side. We also have amenity exclusively for women such as facial cleanser, make-up remover, lotion, milky lotion, cotton, so please feel free to visit us.
* Amenities vary depending on facilities

Low price

It is reasonable, comfortable and more comfortable than the business hotel. It can be accommodated in the "first cabin" at the same rate as the capsule hotel.

Best location

First Cabin is within 5 minutes walk from the nearest station all facilities. It is convenient for sudden use when you are troubled by traveling, such as missing the last train or delay of airplane.

Various usage scenes

As well as staying, short stay can be used and it can be used in hours. You can take a nap and rest in a few hours, you can refresh in the public bath, you can use business scenes, private and various ways of use.

Abundant shared facilities

Lounges, cloaks, as well as large public baths, shower booths, powder rooms, etc. are substantial. Some facilities have BAR and you can also enjoy alcohol at night.
* Shared facilities vary by facility

Other services

Free Wi-Fi is available in all rooms. In addition to lending free of charge such as iron and humidifier, a coin launderette is also available for a fee.
* Various services vary by facility