Carefree Stay FIRST CABIN Kashiwanoha All Inclusive Style



First in the first cabin
Kashiwanoha introduced all-inclusive.
Staying, of course, eating and drinking from morning to night, and in the public bath
Until refresh
You can enjoy it freely.

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  • Stay



  • Cafe

  • Food


  • Refresh


HEALING SPACE One bag and a healing journey you can enjoy in a little time

You can stay without worrying about your wallet
All inclusive and
We offer a service where you can feel the warmth of people.
Forget the daily busyness and become a “healing place”
First Cabin Kashiwanoha is available.

PM 5:00 Check In A 5-minute walk from Kashiwanoha Canvas Station After check-in, relax in your room

About 5 minutes walk from Kashiwanoha Canvas Station, we arrive at Kashiwanoha First Cabin. Check-in at the lobby, which has the warmth of a café-like interior and interior, and relax in a comfortable cabin.

PM 7:00 Enjoy the authentic cuisine of the chef Dinner

During dinner time from 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM (last order at 9:30 PM), you can enjoy a hot meal prepared by the chef. In particular, the main dish can be selected from three types, and full-fledged flavors are prepared every season. Since it is all inclusive, it is of course a free drink.

PM 9:00 Refresh Refresh your daily fatigue at the public bath

Refresh your daily fatigue in a spacious and spacious public bath. A shower booth and a separate powder room are also provided for your comfort.

PM 10:00 Late Check In Late night meal

Snacks, snacks and drinks are available during nighttime from 10:00 PM to 00:00 PM. Satisfied with people who are a little hungry or late check-in.

PM 11:00 Relax Luxurious time in the lounge with a relaxing drink

Alcohols can be enjoyed for free between PM 5:00 and AM 0:00. Please spend a luxurious time while watching the fantastic train light seen from the window.

We also provide various services during other hours.

AM0: 00-AM7: 00
Cup noodles, snacks and soft drinks
AM7: 00-AM10: 00 (L.O.AM9: 30)
With freshly baked homemade focaccia
Soup / soft drink
tea time
AM10: 00-PM5: 00
Focaccia and snacks
Coffee, tea, soft drinks
(Available for consecutive guests)

Stroll through Kashiwanoha, a peaceful city full of greenery

Kashiwanoha, a city friendly to people and nature, is full of greenery.
It is a healing land where you can rest your mind just by walking around the city.
In addition, there are relaxing cafes and specialty products from Chiba Prefecture.
There are lots of highlights such as shops you can buy.
In addition, various events are held every year,
There are various ways to enjoy each season.

First Cabin Kashiwa

  • 01The University of Tokyo Kashiwa Canvas
  • 02National Cancer Center
  • 03Kashiwanoha Park
  • 04Kashiwanoha Hokuso Hospital
  • 05T-SITE
  • 06Tsujinaka Hospital
  • 07LaLaport Kashiwanoha
  • 08Aqua terrace
  • 5. T-SITE

    There are many shops where you can buy Chiba's specialty products and freshly baked bread, including Tsutaya Bookstore and Starbucks. Kashiwanoha is a popular spot for children and toys that can be enjoyed by parents and children.

  • 7. Aqua Terrace

    The aqua terrace where the reservoir is renovated is a place for people to relax. It is recommended to take a leisurely stroll around. In addition, it is lit up at night, creating a fantastic atmosphere.


    SOLITO MAGO COFFEE LABO on the same site as the first cabin Kashiwanoha. In addition to authentic roasted coffee, Afogaard and caramel popcorn are popular.

  • 10. BEER BRAIN

    BEER BRAIN, which also has a store on the same site as the first cabin Kashiwanoha, is a shop where you can enjoy authentic craft beer with a daily taste. The brewery also has a brewery tank.

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YOUR STYLE Various uses that match your style

  • Conferences and
    For people on business trips.

  • Leisure
    For those who enjoy.

  • To visit
    For visitors.

  • A friend's house
    For those who visit.

  • To visit
    For visitors.

  • A friend's house
    For those who visit.

For a little work or a break. Day use (day trip) plan room type

  • ■ Business class

    ¥ 900/1 hour

  • ■ First Class

    ¥ 1,000 / 1 hour

* Short stay plan is available from 2 hours.
* Short stay is all inclusive style
Not applicable.

ACCESS Located in good access within about 30 minutes from downtown

First Cabin Kashiwa