• Every summer and winter, I enjoy it.
  • Proposal for a trip to match the season of the first cabin
Niseko from First Cabin Every summer and winter, I am luxurious for you.

You can enjoy the popular Niseko!
Different in summer and winter, how to enjoy traveling!

Based on the concept of COMPACT & LUXURY,
I imagined the first class of airplane
First cabin to deploy cabin style hotel.
With our first cabin set as a popular Niseko now,
"Niseko Tabi" to suggest a better trip.
As I stayed at Tok at the first cabin,
A little luxuriously playing as much as you wish,
Please enjoy the charm of Niseko both summer and winter.

  • Summer Niseko

  • Winter Niseko

To Niseko's best summer!

If you notice it will make you want to take a deep breath,
Niseko spreading the wonderful nature.
Anyway, Niseko in summer is pleasant and charming.
It is open to doing anything and air is delicious no matter where you are.
Gourmet, activities, sports,
You can enjoy a varied Niseko life.
Play hard, eat delicious sea urchin, and have a good night's sleep.
Well, welcome to the summer of exciting Niseko.

Summer's Hokkaido trip,
Let's spend the night in Niseko.

Not only you can access directly from New Chitose Airport,
Niseko can also access from Otaru and Muroran smoothly.
Why do not you spend a night in Niseko while traveling in Hokkaido?

Staying at reasonable prices,
Enjoy luxury in both nature and gourmets!

Staying at a reasonable first cabin though it is luxurious, please fully enjoy activities and gourmet by the amount you save.
After spend a good time in Niseko, you can enjoy Hokkaido summer, including going to Shakotan to eat exquisite sea urchin. You can stop by Otaru or Sapporo on your way home after staying in Niseko.

Wrapped in nature,
Luxury golf and a healing spa.

The characteristic of the golf course in Niseko is nature, no matter what. Enjoy the golf in an open-air environment filled with big sky, fresh green, refreshing wind.
The hot spring after golf is rich enough to choose one. You can spend a pleasant time to relax tiredness. You can enjoy a natural hot spring even in the first cabin.

In fact, summer is Niseko's best season? !
Mecca of activities!

Niseko's summer is Mecca of standard activity among locals. You can enjoy rafting, mountain biking, tree trekking and Hawaiian-born SUP and so on in various ways.
Because there is also a premium class cabin that can be accommodated in groups and families, it is also recommended to stay in the first cabin and challenge the outdoors with family.

NAC Niseko Adventure Center
Abuta-gun, Hokkaido Kutchan-cho Uyamada 179-53

In Niseko the masterpiece of winter!

Speaking of winter, winter sports and hot springs.
Niseko in winter can fully enjoy this pleasure.
One of the world's best powder snow,
A lot of hot springs standing in nature,
A journey that allows you to enjoy the winter-like winter of Japan.
Staying at reasonable prices,
Enjoying the delicious luxury in the amount of tokens,
Please spend impressive time.

Take a peek at Niseko,
I enjoy plenty.

Direct airport shuttle from New Chitose Airport,
Niseko arrives in about three hours.
If you are staying for the first night in a cabin
You can enjoy plenty at low cost.

Longing the world
To the world of finest powder snow.

As well as Japan, a longing for skiers and snowboarders all over the world, Niseko's Powder Snow. Among the majestic nature, there are a variety of courses that you can enjoy from beginners to advanced people, you can enjoy it even at a couple or a family.
The reason to heal the body after skiing is countless hot springs. Of course, the first cabin is fully equipped with natural hot springs so you can relax slowly.

After skiing
I feel like studying abroad at Niseko!
To the international shop!

In recent years, Niseko, which gathers attention from overseas, many foreigners are foreigners, as foreign as foreigners. There are many shops where there is international atmosphere, and you can taste the feeling of studying abroad while staying in Japan.
You may be able to enjoy intercultural exchanges in the relaxing lounge at First Cabin.

Family skiing,
Do not you start?

Although Niseko is one of the world's best ski resorts, it also has a beginner course, so it is a perfect spot for children and for the first time for skiing.
Because there are premium class cabins that can be accommodated in groups and families, it is also recommended to stay in the first cabin and try skiing with family.

NAC Niseko Adventure Center
Abuta-gun, Hokkaido Kutchan-cho Uyamada 179-53

Such a person
"First Cabin Niseko / Pon no yu"
Accommodation in.

  • I drink, see, listen to famous water.
    I can see spring water to a balloon park.

    "I worked hard and let's go on a reward trip," Niseko said. In the city it was absolutely unforgettable to come and spend the healing time, the road station "The Town of Kamisui Kyoku". "Sports bath" in this site is a famous place as a spring spot. Tempted by the beauty of the water, it is full of charge just listening to the sound of water. Water and coffee brewed with that water were also excellent items. Now, when you return to the first cabin, take a leisurely hot spring.

    @ Terrible Hokkaido

    @ Terrible Hokkaido

    Speech park

    Hokkaido Abuta-gun Kyogoku-cho Kawanishi 45
    About 13 minutes by car from the first cabin Niseko · Pon no yu

  • Of a ranch feels good deep breathing
    Delicious time at the milk studio of attention.

    Because I love sweets, "Niseko Takahashi Ranch Milk Studio" is a spot that can not miss while traveling in Niseko. A place where you can find delicious food using lots of milk squeezed from cows of Niseko Takahashi Ranch. I feel happiness such as ice cream, roll cake, cream puff, Baumkuchen, and deliciousness. There was restaurant and cafe, too and was able to spend relaxedly. I might eat the bought souvenir in the First Cabin without being patient.

    Niseko Takahashi Ranch Milk Studio

    Hokkaido Abuta-gun Niseko-machi Soga 888-1
    About 16 minutes by car from the first cabin Niseko · Pon no yu

  • It also eats gourmets,
    Enjoy a set of soba's famous shops and beautiful scenery.

    "Wherever you go on a trip, I'd like to visit a popular restaurant on that land." This time, I visited in Niseko with a soba's famous shop "Hand-made Soba Ichimura". "Duck Nanban" with plenty of ducks from Hakodate Takigawa matches hand-made soba with local spring water called Hakusui water, and it is exquisite. The wind blowing through the landscape of a beautiful stream seen from the window is delicious. Let's go out again after taking a rest in the lounge of the first cabin at the accommodation.

    @ Terrible Hokkaido

    @ Terrible Hokkaido

    Tanned soba nochimura

    Abuta-gun, Hokkaido Kutchan cho Cho Yamada 68-4
    About 5 minutes by car from the first cabin Niseko · Pon no yu

  • Drinking comparison of Niseko beer!
    Fun, delicious, tipsy time.

    Also recommend "Niseko Journey" to those who like alcohol. There are a lot of delicious shops such as sake and wine. Among them, "Niseko tap house" that you can experience Hokkaido craft beer kingdom was exciting. While drinking Niseko beer in a restaurant with a brewery's view, you can have a good time with a tipsy tickle. I am careful about drinking too much, but the first cabin bed is comfortable so I was awakened clearly in the morning.

    Craft beer restaurant Niseko tap house

    4-12 Honzo Niseko-cho, Abuta-gun, Hokkaido
    About 16 minutes by car from the first cabin Niseko · Pon no yu
    ※ Reservation required 0136-55-5664

Such a person
"First Cabin Niseko / Pon no yu"
Accommodation in.

  • After skiing, shopping!
    To the commercial building where you can also enjoy gourmet! !

    I enjoyed skiing and wanted to visit there recently was a commercial building "Odin Place". Although it is better to spend all the skiing, I really want to enjoy shopping and gourmets, but it is true. You can spend a wonderful time, including sushi shops, bakery and bistro restaurants and shops that can enjoy skiing fashion. I enjoyed shopping as much as I wanted, because the accommodation fee of the first cabin was cheap.

    Odin Place

    Abuta-gun, Hokkaido Kutchan cho cho character Yamada 190-13
    About 9 minutes by car from the FIRST CABIN Niseko · Pon no yu

  • With carefully selected alcohol and records
    Beautiful bar time.

    "Instrumentation" "BAR GYU + (Bargitus)" is a personal strongest instant spot that makes you feel Niseko with a lot of spots and you can be deprived of the heart just by looking at the entrance. Not only is the antique vending machine so cute, what the vending machine is the door bar. Inside the shop you can enjoy not only sake and jazz records, but also the light-up birch forest. After having the most adult night, I just sleep soundly at the first cabin.

    BAR GYU +

    Hokkaido Abuta-gun Kutchan cho Cho Yamada 167-21
    About 9 minutes by car from the FIRST CABIN Niseko · Pon no yu

  • I will show you the beauty and splendor of Japan,
    Eating while realizing it again.

    There are also many foreign tourists, Niseko with an international atmosphere. Suddenly I wanted to eat in Japanese style and booked "SEKKA - LAB (Sekka Lab)". While being a modern impression, you can enjoy designs that feel the goodness of old good Japan. Italian cuisine made with locally sourced ingredients is exquisite. We can spend good time elegantly. Even after returning to the first cabin, the luxurious feeling continues comfortably.


    Hokkaido Abuta-gun Kutchan-cho Minami 1 2 - chome 15-2
    About 4 minutes by car from the first cabin Niseko · Pon no yu

  • Choose carefully selected meat such as Wagyu and Jibie
    Enjoy it at the log house! !

    Wild Bill's Niseko wants to go when you want to charge the power with flesh, as much as you can enjoy yourself skiing and using your strength. You can enjoy warm atmosphere of log house style and exquisite meat dishes as much as you want. Foreign friends can do sometimes because there are days when the late time is exciting with club feeling. Not only are you enjoying skiing in Niseko, it's nice to have a meeting for a long time.

    Wild Bill's Niseko

    Hokkaido Abuta county character Yamada 189-8
    About 9 minutes by car from the FIRST CABIN Niseko · Pon no yu

Not only convenient
First cabin
Three points

  • POINT 1

    Happy Cospa!


    While being a fine space, high hospitality,
    Realized low cost comparable to the capsule hotel.
    Stay cheap and enjoy your trip more.

  • POINT 2

    Shared facilities are enriched!


    The first cabin has natural hot springs and large restaurants,
    Common area such as lounge where you can relax by group are enriched.
    Here is a luxury that relaxes slowly.

  • POINT 3

    Easy travel preparation! !


    In addition to wear and body towels,
    Prepare lotion, milky lotion, cotton, hair iron.
    We are considering to reduce traveling baggage as much as possible.

※ About large public bath Please note that it will be open for business from November 22, 2018 to early December 2018, with boiling water.