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Proposal of a clever trip from First Cabin


Kyoto Arashiyama

With the concept of COMPACT & LUXURY, FIRST CABIN develops a cabin style hotel which imagined the first class of airplane. "FIRST CABIN suggests a better trip" Kashitabi ". Thinking wisely on a journey, such as how to choose accommodation and how to think around the base, you will find a sharp trip. Please use the luxury and luxury to search for the perfect trip for yourself.

Three points of the first cabin not only convenient

Three points of the first cabin not only convenient

  • POINT 1 Pleasant Cospa! COST PERFORMANCE

    Despite its high-quality space and high hospitality, it achieves a low cost comparable to that of a capsule hotel. Stay cheap and enjoy your trip more.

  • POINT 2 Shared facilities are enriched! FACILITIES

    In the first cabin, shared facilities such as lounge and rooftop terrace are enriched, including elegant large public bath. Here is a luxury that relaxes slowly.

  • POINT 3 Easy travel preparation! ! AMENITIES

    In addition to general amenities such as room wear and body towels, lotion, milky lotion, cotton and hair iron are prepared. We are considering to reduce traveling baggage as much as possible.


Skill for saving accommodation expenses

By staying at "CASPA high" First Cabin Kyoto Arashiyama ", you will increase the money you can freely use! ! It may be good to upgrade such as meals and souvenirs.


Skill for saving accommodation expenses

  • An elegant time with a rickshaw!

    A little luxury lunch!

    How reasonable are you to enjoy a luxurious lunch by reducing a cost of accommodation? Increase the range of orders such as enjoying luxury course dishes rather than A la carte.

  • Upgrade souvenirs!

    How about going out for a wonderful time, thanks to your accommodation expenses? A small street of the bamboo grove will be graced with a guide of the man pulling the rickshaw.

  • Choosing souvenirs for family, friends, important people is fun. The low cost of accommodation, leaving a clearance on the wallet. Imagine a happy face, choose a nice souvenir.

The money you can freely use even on the same budget will increase!


Skill to stay on Arashiyama station Arashiya

"First Cabin Kyoto Arashiyama" is just above the station! You can move smoothly. You can overlook Arashiyama from the rooftop terrace and you can find shopping facilities at the train station.


Skill to stay on Arashiyama station Arashiya

  • 0 minute walk to the station!

    First Cabin Kyoto A walking distance from Arashiyama Station is 0 minutes. Arashiyama as your sightseeing base, you can enjoy sightseeing temple / shrine tour and Toei Kyoto Uzumasa studio park by using Randen.

  • Shopping is also convenient!

    At Randen Arashiyama station, there are many shops like "Arashiyama station Hannari · Hokkori Square", it is very convenient to go for shopping. Foot-bath in the station is also recommended!

  • Roof terrace with Arashiyama overlooking!

    The view from the rooftop terrace is superb because it is on the station which is the center of the city. You can enjoy a wonderful scenery such as the sunrise or the sunset, you can also see summer tradition of Kyoto · Goyama fire.


From early in the morning you can sightseeing Arashiyama skill

Moving from Kyoto Station, it takes a while until Arashiyama sightseeing start. "First Cabin Kyoto Arashiyama", sightseeing start OK from early morning! There are few tourists yet, so you can enjoy Arashiyama with a charter.


From early in the morning you can sightseeing Arashiyama skill

  • Popular spots are also not crowded!

    Rather than staying in Kyoto city and moving to Arashiyama, you can sightseeing from early morning with less crowd by staying in Arashiyama. Depending on the day, you may have a popular spot all to yourself.

  • Enjoy a fresh morning!

    It is also the charm of a trip staying at Arashiyama that you can fully enjoy the exhilarating morning of Togetsukyo Bridge and other areas around Arashiyama where wonderful scenery spreads. Have a refreshing time with less crowd in the early morning.

  • Smooth queue store too!

    There are many popular shops around Arashiyama area. Moving from early in the morning and doing one action ahead, you can spend a smooth and efficient time without wait in a queue.

You can enjoy it from Kyoto city to Arashiyama in 1 day and 2 nights!

5 spots that can not be removed from Kyoto Arashiyama

Recommend traveling wise!

5 spots that can not be removed from Kyoto Arashiyama

  • 1: Retro sightseeing spot full of shooting points Togetsuki Bridge

    It is 4 minutes on foot to the popular tourist destination "Togetsukyo Bridge" which many people visit. The wooden retro bridge is full of photos spot. How to shoot the bridge against the backdrop of Arashiyama 's beautiful mountain ranges is a place to show your skill. Please also enjoy the beautiful, tasteful scenery, it changes the expression according to the season and time. It is always surprise you no matter how many times you visit,​ ​About 1 minute walk from the first cabin Kyoto Arashiyama

  • 2: A superb view of bamboo that can be crowded even by rickshaws Small diameter of bamboo forest

    "Small street of Bamboo forest" which is rapidly increasing in popularity by sightseeing spots. You can spend a time of wind flowing walking a small street where tens of thousands of bamboo grows. If you rent a yukata even more, you will feel better. I'd like to recommend here, a course that goes around a bamboo grove on a rickshaw ride. You may be able to hear the best information from the car owner.About 5 minutes on foot from First Cabin Kyoto Arashiyama(Until the entrance of bamboo forest)※ Rickshaw Collaboration: Ebisuya Kyoto Arashiyama General Headquarters Togetsukyo (Kita-zume) Approximately 3 minutes on foot
    ※ Costume cooperation: Kimono rental dream Kyoto (Arashiyama store · Togetsukyo store)

  • 3: Only wish of love, only one, Suzukiji

    Because it is possible to listen to the sound of bell cricket(Suzumushi), throughout the year, the temple is familiar with the name "Suzumushi dera". This temple is famous for your wish will come true, especially when the wish of love comes true. It is also recommended to listen to the reputation method "to be beneficial"!​ ​About 13 minutes by taxi from First Cabin Kyoto ArashiyamaSuzuki Temple / Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto City Matsurou Townhouse Town 31 Nishikyo-ku
    ※ Taxi cooperation: MK taxi (sightseeing also available on charter)

  • 4: The local people also love Yu Tofu Delicious time Yu Tofu Sagano

    Keeping constant taste since the establishment of 1965, it is an exquisite tofu shop that locals love as well as tourists. Architecture is beautiful Sukiya style. Yu-tofu set meals is 3,800 yen included 10 satisfied items. Why do not you try petit luxury experience as much as you can accommodate your accommodation fee?About 5 minutes on foot from First Cabin Kyoto ArashiyamaTofu Shop Sagano / Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto City Saka Temple Temple Gakudo Baba Town 45

  • 5: Authentic coffee, Arabica Kyoto Arashiyama branch of a relieved relief

    A bit of a break in the middle of a fun journey. For those who wish to memorize such cafe time, we recommend you "Arabica Kyoto" where you can taste a coffee brewed by barista who won the world championship. You can enjoy latte art as well.About 5 minutes on foot from First Cabin Kyoto ArashiyamaArabica Kyoto Arashiyama / Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto City Saka Temple Temple Sankeba Town 3-47

5 spots in Kyoto Arashiyama's spot

Recommend traveling wise!

5 spots in Kyoto Arashiyama's spot

  • 1: Let's spend luxurious time slowly Arashiyama MITATE

    It is recommended for those who want to enjoy luxurious lunch for a reasonable price, because the accommodation fee was reasonable, "Arashiyama MITATE" which fused Kyoto dishes and French. You can enjoy dishes expressed like spinning stories like connecting from time spent in Arashiyama.About 1 minute walk from the first cabin Kyoto ArashiyamaArashiyama MITATE / Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto City Saka Teruji Temple Road Town 33-25 Kamigyo-ku

  • 3: Mother-of-pearl rice arashiyama shop with a counter that can enjoy a magnificent view of Arashiyama

    At a counter seat where you can see Arashiyama every season, it is a nationwide shop with a perfect reservation system that allows you to enjoy exquisite cuisine. You can enjoy "16 colors of Peach Skewers Tempura Zen", rich in taste and color. In addition to a total of 16 pieces of skewered tempura including fixed 8 pieces and 8 pieces you can choose yourself, you can taste extravagant time such as steaming a pot with a long time.About 10 minutes on foot from First Cabin Kyoto ArashiyamaMaiko Rice Arashiyama Store / Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto City 45 Kagyo Yokota Town Sakayanagata Town 45-1

  • 3: Buy popular 'Hiro' and go eat! Saga Tofu Mori Ji

    A popular old-fashioned tofu shop "Morika" of the foundation 150 years. Even well-known restaurant in Kyoto city use tofu here, it is convincing that we can have a line. I'd like to recommend here a popular widow (Ganmodoki). It may be nice to try eating with a sense of snack.About 12 minutes on foot from First Cabin Kyoto ArashiyamaSaga Tofu Mori Jia / Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto City Ukyo-ku Sagito Bada Bando Tonokinomachi 42

  • 4: Ochaya san visiting by rowing a boat Konkegeasechaya

    The main feature of the "Konkasechaya" which is set to float on the river side of Katsuragawa is to cross the river and enter the store by rowing a boat. While we use ourselle to row the boat, there is Togetsu Bridge downstream, you can cross the river while watching. It is a paradise on the river that can enjoy river fish dishes.About 10 minutes on foot from First Cabin Kyoto Arashiyama(To the boat platform dedicated to Chaya)Kotogase Chaya / Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto City Arashiyama Rokuyama Town, Nishikyo-ku

  • 5: Panzerotti touring Arashiyama with one hand Pizzeria Lugara

    Along the main street in Arashiyama, opened in 2018, a handsome Italian burns pizza "puglia". In addition to exquisite pizza Margherita, recommendation is takeout of Panzerotti. Fried wrapped pizza, you can walk and eat!About 6 minutes on foot from First Cabin Kyoto ArashiyamaPizzeria Lugarà / Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto City 18-25 Setogawa Town Saka Temple in Ukyo-ku

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