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Reservation system Terms of use

Before using the Internet reservation system, please be sure to read and agree.
ファーストキャビン (以下当ホテルという)は、当ホテルの運営する「インターネット宿泊予約システム」(以下当システムという)を、お客様にご利用いただくに際し、次の利用規則を設けさせていただいております。
Please agree to these regulations and use it according to these regulations.

Internet reservation system terms of service

Article 1 (Compliance with basic matters)

  • 1. When using this system, customers should comply with general manners and morals of the use of the Internet, and technical rules.
  • 2. We will strictly refuse to use this system for profit-making purposes regardless of reason, such as a fee-based arrangement agency.

Article 2 (Measures to be taken against the basic matters)

  • For customers who conduct actions that the hotel deems inappropriate, such as giving inconvenience / disadvantage to third parties, acts that may interfere with our service, etc., use of our system and our hotel We may refuse.

Article 3 (Various Impacts Due to Customers' Use Environment)

  • This system is targeted to persons who have properly made various settings such as characters (Japanese display), e-mails, printers and so on. The hotel is not responsible at all for the operation result of those who do not meet this condition and the various influences that it brings. Even if the above conditions are satisfied, even if the system does not operate properly due to reasons other than the management of the hotel such as all circumstances concerning the environment setting of the customer's computer, The hotel is not responsible at all.

Article 4 (Terms of use of this system)

  • This system can only be used by customers who have agreed to this rule. Also, by using this system, we will assume that you agree to these rules at the time of making your reservation and comply with these rules.

Article 5 (Conditions for using this system)

  • The services offered by this system are not intended to give superiority to the services offered at sites other than the hotel's website (telephone reservation, reservation desk, etc.). Therefore, we may not be able to make a reservation due to reasons such as full occupancy.

Article 6 (User's own responsibility)

  • 1. When you use this system, regardless of whether you act on yourself or not, whether you are negligent or not, with respect to all acts performed by you and any actions made by your own e-mail account, We will follow its responsibility. Also, in using this system, except in the case of the hotel's negligence, if the customer damages the third party, the customer resolves the dispute with the third party at his / her own responsibility and burden will do.
  • 2. In the case that the user damages the hotel and this system by an act that falls under any of the following matters, the hotel can claim compensation for all damages suffered by the user will do.
  • ● In the event of breaching these Terms of Use, accommodation agreements separately provided by the hotel, usage rules.
  • ● When sending or writing a harmful computer program.
  • ● When third party information is sent or written.
  • ● Others When conducting acts in violation of effective laws and regulations in Japan.

Article 7 (formation of reservation)

  • Establishment of reservation using this system will be done when the guide page of the reservation content is displayed on the customer screen.

Article 8 (About cancellation and change of reservation)

  • Changing reservations and canceling reservations using this system will be made only on procedures based on the reservation number from the customer from this system.

Article 9 (Reservation application)

  • 1. Please fill out the necessary personal data exactly in the reservation application form.
  • 2. If there is incompleteness in inputting personal data to the reservation application form, the reservation may be invalid.

Article 10 (Change in contents of this system)

  • We may make changes without prior notice to customers if we decide that our hotel is necessary for the operation or change of contents of this system. Please be sure to check this rule every time. After changing the contents of this rule, only the changed contents will be valid, and the contents before change will be invalid.

Article 11 (temporary discontinuance of use)

  • The hotel may suspend temporary use of this system without prior notification or consent to the customer if one of the following is true:
  • 1. Maintenance or construction of this system.
  • 2. If natural disasters, accidents or other emergencies occur or are likely to occur, and management becomes difficult.

Article 12 (Handling regulations of this system)

  • Handling of this system follows the law valid in Japan.

Article 13​ ​

  • This rule will be effective from February 16, 2009 Japan Standard Time. In addition, we can revise and change this rule due to changes in social and economic circumstances and various circumstances.