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First Cabin Akihabara Showa-dori [Open]

[Akihabara Showa-dori] About GoTo Travel Campaign


Thank you for your continued patronage of First Cabin Akihabara Showa-dori.


About the GoTo campaign announced by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

First Cabin Akihabara Showa-dori is approved as an accommodation business.

Coronavirus infection prevention measures, etc. Comply with the announced participation conditions,

We will thoroughly create facilities where you can stay safely and securely.


■ GoTo Travel period

October 1, 2020-January 31, 2020


■ Discount application conditions

1. 1. Reservation via official website or online travel agency (Jalan, Rakuten, Rurubu)

* Telephone reservations, walk-ins and short stays are not eligible for discounts. Please be careful.


2. Book with a discounted plan or use a GoTo Travel Discount Coupon

The reservation method depends on each travel agency.

For reservations other than the official website, please contact each travel agency directly.


3. 3. Identity verification at check-in

Please present your driver's license, My Number, and other identification documents at check-in.

Please check the official website for GoTo Travel travelers for more information on valid identity verification documents.


Four. Cooperation with coronavirus infection prevention measures implemented by the museum

Please check the past notice for preventive measures.


■ About regional coupons

First Cabin Akihabara Showa-dori for eligible customers

Paper coupons will be distributed at check-in.


■ Customers who have already made a reservation

Discounts are not applicable for reservations already made before September 18th (Friday).

We apologize for the inconvenience, but please be sure to reschedule your reservation if you wish to apply for the discount.

No cancellation fee will be charged for cancellations due to retakes.




The content of the campaign may change depending on the future situation.

Before you travel, please be sure to check the official website for GoTo Travel travelers yourself.


In addition, the Japan Tourism Agency will carry out the GoTo campaign.

It was announced that it is desirable to refrain from group trips for young people, group trips for the elderly who are prone to severe illness, and trips involving banquets for a large number of people.

We ask for your cooperation in "all customers can travel with peace of mind and properly."


We look forward to welcoming you to our hotel.