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First Cabin Akihabara Showa-dori [Open]

[Akihabara] New coronavirus infectious disease [Open]


Thank you for using First Cabin Akihabara.

First Cabin Akihabara is taking the following measures as a countermeasure against this new coronavirus infection.



◇Main measures of this facility◇


[Public space]

1. Expansion of alcohol disinfection

2. Strengthening disinfection in the building

3. Enhancement of ventilation in the building

4. Splash prevention sheet installed at the front

5. Social distance sticker installed at the front

6. Lounge thinning

7. Thinning seats in the powder room

8. 喫煙所、エレベーターの人数制限



1. Use with space between cabins

2. Strengthening the disinfection of cabin equipment and roll curtains



1. Obligation to wear a mask when serving customers

2. Hand washing and gargling

3. Daily body temperature/physical condition check

4. Refrain from unnecessary/urgent going out




◇ Request to customers ◇


1. Physical condition check and temperature measurement at check-in

We will check your health condition at check-in.

Those who have symptoms listed in the confirmation list, such as fever of 37.5 ° C or higher and severe respiratory symptoms

The staff may ask you in detail about the symptoms.

If you feel unwell during your stay on the day of check-in, please contact the staff as soon as possible.


2. Thorough hand disinfection when entering the building

We have installed a sanitizer for hand disinfection at the entrance.

Please be sure to disinfect your hands before entering the building.

Also, please cooperate with frequent gargling and hand washing during your stay.


3. Wearing a mask

Please wear a mask in the hall so that all customers can use it with peace of mind.




We apologize for any inconvenience, and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.