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First Cabin Tokyo Dome City (Opening from June 6th)

[Efforts to prevent new coronavirus infectious diseases]


Thank you very much for your continued support.

First Cabin Tokyo Dome City takes the following measures as a measure against infectious diseases caused by the new coronavirus, placing the safety and security of customers and staff first.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


Our main initiatives

[Efforts in public space]

1. Addition of alcohol disinfectant

We are working to create an environment that is easier for customers to use by adding disinfectant solutions to public spaces such as the entrance, front desk, and restroom.


2. Strengthening regular disinfection

We carry out alcoholic disinfection of places where customers often touch, such as door knobs, doors, handrails, vending machine buttons, toilet doors, etc.


3. Wearing a mask when serving

From the viewpoint of preventing splash infection, the customer service staff wears a mask in consideration of customer's health and safety. We may also wear gloves.


4. Usage restrictions at this facility

The hotel will continue to take the following measures so that customers can use it with peace of mind based on the ongoing spread of infection by the new coronavirus.

○ Use with space between cabins

○ Thinning out the seats in the shared space in front of the front desk

○Restrictions on the number of people using a smoking area (one by one)

○ Thinning out seats in the powder corner

○Restrictions on the use of large public baths (such as thinning out the available number of currants in the bathroom)


[Efforts in the cabin area]

We thoroughly disinfect the interior of the cabin, such as the handle of the roll curtain, switches, remote control, and valuables box.


[Efforts for employees]

1. Physical condition check at work

We thoroughly check the body temperature when employees go to work. Employees who have a fever of 37.5 degrees or higher and who are not feeling well are waiting at home.


2. We thoroughly wash hands, gargle and disinfect your fingers.


3. Expansion of alcoholic disinfectant in backspace and regular disinfection in the room

Alcohol disinfectant has been added to ensure that the fingers are disinfected after entering the office or using the restroom. We also regularly disinfect the backspace.


[Request to customers]

・We will check the health condition of our guests. At check-in, we will check your body temperature using a non-contact thermometer.

In addition, we will fill out a questionnaire regarding the health condition and confirm the transit point to the hotel arrival.


・All guests are requested to wear a mask and disinfect their fingers at check-in so that they can use this facility with peace of mind.

・Please cooperate as follows in the hall.

○ Wearing a mask in the hall, frequent hand washing, gargling, disinfection of fingers while using the hall

○Running water with the lid closed when using the toilet, with space between places


・We apologize for those who have a fever, or those who are not feeling well, but we kindly request that you refrain from visiting us.


・If you feel unwell, please tell the staff near you.



* The above may be updated in accordance with the policies of the Japanese government and related organizations. In that case, I will inform you again.


Manager of First Cabin Tokyo Dome City