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First Cabin Akasaka

[Open] Information on new corona measures from First Cabin Akasaka


Dear Customer,


Thank you very much for using First Cabin Akasaka.

In response to the declaration of emergency, after careful consideration of future business, we will continue to take countermeasures in our business.


Prevent the spread of new coronavirus infectionThe following measures have been taken in consideration of the health and safety aspects of guests and hotel staff.

・ All staff wear masks and vinyl gloves during cleaning.

・An acrylic board is installed at the front to prevent splash infection.

・ Card keys ・ Valuable box keys ・ Various places in the building, especially those touched by customers, are regularly disinfected with alcohol.

・ Alcohol hand sanitizers are available at various locations in the building (front and restrooms).

・ We will prepare cabins to guide customers at intervals.


We ask that you cooperate with hand washing, gargling and wearing masks.

In addition, the business hours of the attached "Keys Cafe Akasaka" will be changed to the following for the time being.

(We accept orders for some products at the hotel front desk even outside business hours. Please feel free to contact us.)

7:00~17:00(ラストオーダー 16:30)


We will pay the utmost attention to all staff so that customers who use our services can spend their lives with peace of mind.

We look forward to staying at First Cabin Akasaka in the future.


First Cabin Akasaka