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First Cabin Kyoto Nijo Castle (Closed)

The plum season has arrived! World cultural heritage [Motorikyu Nijo Castle] is a 3-minute walk ♪


ー ★ About [former Imperial Villa Nijo Castle] known as a famous plum tree ★ ー


Nijo Castle has weeping plums, white plums, red plums (red plovers, red sparrows), pink plums,

About 100 plum trees of 50 species are planted, such as the genpei blooming plum tree that has red and white flowers on one tree.

Most of them are planted in the plum grove in the southwestern part of the castle,

This plum forest can be accessed only during the period when plums are blooming!!!!!



Mid February to late March> 8:45 to 16:00 (closed at 17:00)


Best time to visit: around late February to late March

As of January 29, 2020, it's in the flowering state of ◇ ◆ ◇ beginning to bloom ♪♪

* From Motorikyu Nijo Castle official website



Adults: 620 yen Junior high and high school students: 350 yen Elementary school students: 200 yen

* No payment is required other than the entrance fee



 ▶First Cabin Kyoto Nijo Castle
3 minutes on foot


▶ From Kyoto Station
City bus 9, 50, 101 system about 30-40 minutes

A short walk from Nijo Castle


▶ From Shijo Kawaramachi
City bus 12/15 system about 15 minutes
A short walk from Nijo Castle


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