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First cabin Kanazawa Hyakumangoku Dori (closed)

[Gourmet packed with attractions] Excellent access by Shinkansen! Kanazawa women's trip ♪


First Cabin Kanazawa Hyakumangoku Dori Guidance for traveling lovers from the hotel ♪


Dear First Cabin Repeaters

Notice to those who are lost in travel destination this summer ♪


Customers who are usually used on business trips,Customers used at weekend events, again for all agesKanazawa sightseeingIntroduce you !!

With the opening of the Shinkansen, it was filled with gourmets and sightseeing that came very close. "How is your trip to Kanazawa?


First Cabin Kanazawa Hyakumangoku Dori Is unusual among all stores,Premium class for large groups (up to 4 people)We will prepare for you.

Family use, of course, friends and group groups also want to use a lower price ... and prepare a room to meet the wishes of many people


In the location of the middle of sightseeing spot, we keep accommodation expenses much lower,In that part gourmet and sightseeing"luxury"How about trying?



Within walking distance of the hotel

● The morning was full of vigorShopping in Omi-cho market

● full of historyKenrokuen and Kanazawa Castle, one of Japan's three largest gardens,Walks such as the 21st Century Museum of Art

● FacilitiesBus stop in front of youFrom the cityExcellent access to tourist spots outside, at nightLocal taste at Katamachi downtown areaEnjoy the summer memories should remain



【TravelBook Women's Journey】 / 51812



Travel information perfect for such a summer trip"Odekake Tourist Guide"Posted onBecause weEveryone, please come under check.