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First Cabin Kyoto Nijo Castle

♪ ♪ Extended period due to favorable reception ♪ ♪ “First Cabin Kyoto Nijo Castle” opening campaign plan


Opened on August 8th (Thursday) ♪ “First Cabin Nijo Castle”


"Opening campaign" due to favorable receptionUntil October 31Extension! !

Enjoy Kyoto in the best season of autumn with a special plan ♪


20 minutes by direct bus from Kyoto Station!

Convenient access to various sightseeing spots such as Nijo Castle, a 5-minute walk from the world heritage, Shijo Kawaramachi, Kamogawa, and other downtown areas in Kyoto!

In the spacious guest lounge, there are board games and sightseeing books for enjoying day and night time from sparkling wine in the morning.

There is a hot spring-like semi-open-air bath in the courtyard and a riverside café that boasts delicious coffee.

Enjoy the four seasons of Kyoto in a stylish and high-quality Japanese space unique to the first cabin.


«Special opening business plan»


Plan with opening benefits (Usage date: August 19 to September 30)

Advantageous plan with present including selectable first cabin goods

During the period, you will also receive a “Check-in Bonus Card” that you can use until the end of March.

Every time you use, you will receive a wonderful prize! ! !

Please use it for business as well as group trips and family trips ♪

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For inquiries, please contact First Cabin Kyoto Nijo Castle

 ★EmailFrom here

★ Telephone 075-744-0315