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First Cabin Tokyo Dome City

【Event information of Tokyo Dome · Tokyo Dome City】 Check early! Great deal! !

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 3月15日開業の「ファーストキャビン 東京ドームシティ」より、

We will inform you about event information of Tokyo Dome · Tokyo Dome City!

Let's check event information as soon as possible and plan a spring ♪ ♪


Because it is in front of the Tokyo Dome, we can enjoy the rice and events of interest for the moment with time clearly!

After check-in the carry case storage place prepared in the guest room area is also activeUse it in a light condition to the place you want!  
It is GOOD to get back to a break if you are tired from walking! !
★ Tokyo Dome schedule is here
★ Tokyo Dome City event list is here
★ Tokyo Dome City Recommendation Information is here


15th, 16th and 17th March only! Reservation for a deal "opening commemoration plan" from here

Reservations for reasonable accommodation plans from March 18th are here

During the profitable opening campaign! HP Limited Simple Stay

Inquiries will be accepted by e-mail or telephone.
Email here
 電話 : 開業準備室 03-6261-6690(3月14日まで・受付時間 10〜18時)