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First Cabin TKP Ichigaya

★ Finally accept reservations! ★ Introduce "Air Weave" to First Cabin TKP Ichigaya!

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★ Open on November 15 ★

First Cabin TKP Ichigaya will open on November 15th!

Today, I started official site pre-ordering!


First Cabin TKP Ichigaya is conveniently located in a convenient transportation area with four routes available for both business and sightseeing!

In addition, we introduced "Air Weave" mattress, which will become the first cabin for the first time, in "First class" (15 cabins) and "Business class" (44 cabins) ♪

For business guests who send busy days, I would like to have a little rest even more!


«Features of Air Weebed Mattress»

Because the power to push back weight is strong, turning at the time of sleeping becomes easier.Supporting deep sleep by not impeding natural turning.

Excellent body pressure dispersion, no burden on the body.Three-dimensionally entangled fibers support the body from all directions, so evenly distribute the body pressure and reduce the burden.

Outstanding breathability, difficult to steak in summer, warm in winter.Because the fibers in the mattress pad are air-permeable, more than 90% are air permeable and hard to steam, keeping warm in winter.