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First Cabin Tsukiji

■ ☆ Information on homepage pre-registration privilege ☆

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We have prepared the following limited benefits for customers who reserved from our website!
Please use this opportunity ♪ by all means


① 【Early check-in time 15 o'clock】 Special rate

Late relaxation with early check-in ♪ Lazy ♪ Of course you can also use the public bath!

We will usually check-in from 17 o'clock from 15 o'clock, with a special rate!


◆ Accommodation + Additional extra charge 1,000 yen (tax included)


※ Usually additional charge is 2,000 yen for first class, 1,800 yen for business class (tax included).

※ Customers who wish to go to the memo field at the time of reservation"Early check-in hope"Please enter.

* Early check-in on that day reservation may not be accepted depending on circumstances.
We appreciate your understanding in advance.


② [Additional towel set] Free once a night


◆ Add "Bath Towel & Face Towel" set,
We will lend you free of charge per person per night!


※ We will charge 100 yen for normal charge. If you wish to go to the memo field at the time of reservation
"Additional towel set desired"Please enter.

* Guests staying overnight will be added at cleaning.

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