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Frequently Asked Questions

About the cabin

  • Is there a bath / restroom in the room?
  • There is no bath or toilet in each cabin. Please use shared washroom, toilet, public bath, shower booth.
    ※ Kyoto Karasuma Store does not have a public bath. Please use the jet bath unit or shower booth.
  • Is there a lock on the cabin (guest room)?
  • Because the first cabin is a simple residence on the ryokan business law, you can not lock the entrance of each cabin.
    All cabins are equipped with locked safety boxes.
    In addition, the entrance of the cabin is not a door, but it is partitioned by a curtain.
  • Can I hear the surrounding sound?
  • Because it is a curtain divider, there are times when you may hear the surrounding sounds. We offer free earplugs at the reception.​ ​
  • Can you smoke cigarettes inside the cabin?
  • All cabins are non smoking. Please use the smoking booth for smoking.
  • How do I watch TV?
  • With headphones or earphones, you can watch them around without hesitation.

About use

  • 海外から入国後のご宿泊について
  • 新型コロナ感染症における対策の一環として、厚生労働省より日本に入国後14日間の自主隔離措置(以下、「本ルール」)が求められております。
    For the presence or absence of the premium class, please check the facility list icon or each facility page.
    参考:日本へ入国・帰国した皆さまへ 「14日間の待機期間中」のルール
  • Can you stay with us?
  • Only premium class can be used by more than one name. Premium classes are installed in some facilities.
    For the presence or absence of the premium class, please check the facility list icon or each facility page.
    Others The capacity of a cabin is one. We also have a lounge for ladies in the shared lounge for men and women and some facilities, so please make use of them for a chat.
  • Can I stay with my family?
  • All cabins have a capacity of one. Moreover, the inside of the hall is divided into a male area and a female area.
    Please also use the shared lounge where everyone can chat with you.
    In addition, we do not accept customers under 12 years of age to make your stay comfortable. Please note.
  • 未成年のみで泊まれますか?
  • For guests staying at least 13 years old and under 18 years old, parents consent form is required.
    Please submit consent form at reception desk at check-in.
  • Can I leave my luggage in advance?
  • We will keep your luggage before check in and after check in as long as we are staying.
    * First Cabin Haneda can not keep luggage after C / O due to security conservation in the airport.
  • Is there a curfew?
  • There is no curfew. You can come and go anytime.
    * Haneda Terminal 1: Haneda Airport will be closed from midnight 0:00 to early morning 4:45. There is a night exit exclusive for the first cabin in the vicinity of the bus depot of the arrival lobby No. 8 on the first floor.
  • In case of consecutive nights, do I need to check out every day?
  • When ordering with consecutive nights, checkout is only the last day.
    * There is no service for consecutive nights at Haneda Terminal 1. Please note.
  • 滞在中、施設内で動画撮影等は可能ですか?
  • ファーストキャビンでは、施設内におけるご撮影に関して以下の通り規定を設けております。
     1. 他のお客様の映り込みや、ご迷惑になる撮影はご遠慮ください。
     2. 許可を得ていないスタッフの撮影はお控えください。
     3. 自室以外のキャビンへの入室は禁止しております。
     4. 大浴場およびパウダールームでの撮影は原則禁止しております。
      ※予めお申し出いただいた場合はスタッフ同行にて 他のお客様の不在時に限り撮影を認める場合があります。
     5. 規定に違反する写真や動画の投稿を発見した場合、投稿の削除を お願いする場合があります。

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