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Premium Economy Class Cabin

Premium Economy Class Cabin

Cabin type Premium Economy Class Cabin
size W1.2 × D2.1 × H1.0 m
Breadth 2.5 m²
Capacity 1 person
  • <注意事項>
  • ◎ Doors cannot be locked due to Japanese Law.​ ​
  • ◎ Rooms are partitioned by an accordion curtain thus sounds may leak.
  • ◎ You can enter the cabin area with a security card key provided at check-in.
  • ◎ Each floor is divided by sex.​ ​
  • ◎ We do not accept customers under the age of 12 to use it comfortably for everyone.
  • We appreciate your understanding.

Equipment in the cabin

24 inch LCD TV

You can enjoy TV with headphones.​ ​

100 cm wide single bed

Enjoy a comfortable nights sleep on a firm mattress.​ ​

Ventilation function

The inside of the cabin is also comfortable with ventilation function


You can use Wi-Fi free of charge in the cabin and lounge.

Control panel

On the bedside control panel are a reading lamp, an emergency button, a fan switch, an earphone jack, a USB jack, a power outlet 1

Safety box with lock / shoe box

Safety box with lock on bedside and shoe box at feet