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Premium Economy Class Cabin

Premium Economy Class Cabin

Cabin type Premium Economy Class Cabin
size W 1.2 x D 2.1 x H 1.4 m
Breadth 2.5 m²
Capacity 1 person
  • <Notes>
  • ◎ I can not lock the cabin due to laws because it will be a simple residence.
  • ◎ Because it is partitioned by roll screen, sound may leak around.
  • ◎ In the cabin area you can enter with a security card you give at check-in.
  • ◎ The hall is divided into male exclusive areas and women's exclusive areas.
  • ◎ We do not accept customers under the age of 12 to use it comfortably for everyone.
  • We appreciate your understanding.

Equipment in the cabin

24 inch LCD TV

You can enjoy around with your headphones without hesitation.

100 cm wide single bed

Comfortable sleep with hardened mattress

Ventilation function

The inside of the cabin is also comfortable with ventilation function


You can use Wi-Fi free of charge in the cabin and lounge.

Control panel

On the bedside control panel are a reading lamp, an emergency button, a fan switch, an earphone jack, a USB jack, a power outlet 1

Safety box with lock / shoe box

Safety box with lock on bedside and shoe box at feet