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Wanted franchise owner

First Cabin is looking for a business partner to support the new accommodation business that captured the needs of the times.

What is "First Cabin"

First Cabin is a cabin style hotel which imagined the first class of airplane with "COMPACT & LUXURY" concept.
Despite being a reasonable price range between the business hotel and the capsule hotel, it offers thorough luxury service and offers a satisfying hotel stay.
In addition, it is also attracting attention from companies and media of various industries as a business model that contributes to the maximization of property value owned by land and real estate, as it is possible to open the hotel at low cost, short-term construction just by arranging the cabin in an empty building .

Just by arranging cabins in empty buildings
Positioning Map

Characteristics of the first cabin business

Maximum value with minimal investment

Estimated for 100 cabins
Space saving 300 tsubo
Short construction period 3 months
Low cost 300 million yen
High yield
※ Please check the following shop opening conditions

Appeal as a real estate business

Because we can make use of building efficiently, we can secure maximum profit with small investment.
Minimal refurbishment that kept points down, construction cost savings due to short construction period, space saving. We will keep the investment amount low and aim for the maximum return.
It is possible to efficiently utilize all buildings such as irregular buildings and small and medium-sized buildings with low office needs with a compact cabin unit.

Three patterns of business schemes easy to enter even from different industries

Business income example

Case Study Existing one building in Tokyo
Equipment outline
Business balance

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Shop conditions


We will promote strategic business development to government ordinance cities nationwide, centering on major stations in the metropolitan area.

· Tokyo 23 wards, near Tokyo
· Local government order directive city
Store size (approximate)
· Total floor area: 400 pyeong ~ 650 pyeong (It depends on the number of floors etc)
· Cabin number: 120 ~ 180 cabins (minimum scale 120 cabins)
· Franchise system: owned directly
· Management consignment system: owned directly operated (First Cabin Company Operating Agent)
However, it may be possible to consider by other methods depending on the owner's wishes and needs.
In addition, it is possible to consider advancement as a tenant in complex (buildings, commercial facilities) and redevelopment buildings with other uses.
Franchise in charge03-6369-8733