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About us

Company Profile

Company Name
Head Office
〒107-0061 東京都港区北青山2丁目7番9号
Business Description
Board of Directors
President and CEO
米良 浩幸
森田 正光
佐久間 あすか
西島 紗織
平賀 幸一
串田 隆徳
園部 敏洋


July 2006
Established First Cabin Co., Ltd.
April 2009
Opened "First Cabin Midosuji Namba" in Osaka
March 2010
Opened "First Cabin Kyoto Karasuma" in Kyoto
April 2012
Opened "First Cabin Haneda Terminal 1" in Tokyo
June 2013
Opened "First Cabin Akihabara" in Tokyo
June 2014
First Cabin Hakata opened in Fukuoka
January 2015
Opened "First Cabin Tsukiji" in Tokyo
November 2015
Opened "First Cabin Atagoama" in Tokyo
March 2016
Opened "First Cabin Akasaka" in Tokyo
February 2017
"First Cabin Nihonbashi Yokoyama Town" opened in Tokyo
March 2017
Opened "First Cabin Kansai Airport" in Osaka
April 2017
Opened "First Cabin Nagasaki" in Nagasaki
April 2017
Opened "First Cabin Kyobashi" in Tokyo
September 2017
Opened "First Cabin TKP Nagoya Station " in Aichi
October 2017
Opened "First Cabin Nishi Azabu" in Tokyo
October 2017
Opened "First Cabin Hanshin Nishi Umeda" in Osaka
October 2017
Opened "First Cabin Station Abe no Sou" in Osaka
December 2017
Opened "First Cabin Kyoto Kawaramachi Sanjo" in Kyoto
March, 2018
Opened "First Cabin Kyoto Arashiyama" in Kyoto
August 2018
Wakayama opened "First Cabin Station Wakayama Station"
August 2018
Opened "First Cabin Kanazawa Hyakumangoku Dori " in Kanazawa
October 2018
Opened "First Cabin Nihonbashi Suitengu " in Tokyo
November 2018
Opened "First Cabin TKP Ichigaya" in Tokyo
November 2018
Opened "First Cabin Niseko · Pon no Yu" in Hokkaido
March 2019
Opened First Cabin Tokyo Dome City in Tokyo
March 2019
Opened “First Cabin ST. Kyoto Umekoji RYOKAN” in Kyoto
August 2019
Opened “First Cabin Kyoto Nijo Castle” in Kyoto
September 2019
Opened “First Cabin Kashiwanoha” in Chiba
July 2020
Transferred business to NAP Co., Ltd.
株式会社NAPから株式会社ファーストキャビン HDに社名変更

Press release

世界初のAIロボット枕「Pixx(ピックス)」 をファーストキャビン市ヶ谷が初導入
ファーストキャビン市ヶ谷とブックオフがコラボレーション!4月21日「SMART マンガラウンジ」オープン
「ファーストキャビン市ヶ谷」 2022年2月17日 リニューアルオープン
今話題の「16時間断⾷」提唱者 ⻘⽊医師とファーストキャビンHD が業務提携
ファーストキャビンが新コンセプト「STAY SMART」を発表し 、ホテル公式アンバサダーに宇賀なつみさんを起用
「ファーストキャビン御堂筋難波」 2021年11月10日(水)リニューアルオープン
「ファーストキャビン羽田ターミナル1」 2021 年4 月23日(金)営業再開
従業員の新型コロナウィルス感染症 感染について
Notice Regarding Request for Commencement of Bankruptcy Continuity of First Cabin Co., Ltd.
April 2020
JR West Co., Ltd. closure and dissolution of West Cabin First Cabin
March 2020
First Cabin Kyoto Karasuma Renewal Open
January 2020
Renewal opening of "First Café Kyoto Karasuma for women (tentative name)"
January 2020
First Cabin Akihabara Denkigai opened
July 2019
Decided to open "First Cabin Kashiwa"
May 2019
"First cabin Kyoto Nijo Castle" opened in summer 2019
January 2019
"First Cabin Tokyo Dome City" opening decision
November 2018
"First Cabin Kyoto Arashiyama" Rooftop terrace renewed OPEN
September 2018
"First Cabin TKP Ichigaya" Opening Date Determine
July 2018
"First Cabin Tokyo Dome City (tentative name)" Started spring 2019
June 2018
"First Cabin Niseko" this winter start decision
May 2018
"First Cabin Station Wakayama Station" opened on August 1
May 2018
"First Cabin Nihonbashi Suitengu " commenced business opening
May 2018
"First Cabin Kanazawa Hyakumangoku Dori " opening decision
March, 2018
"Teppei Kioi Saka" Press Relevant Information for Reception
March, 2018
"First Cabin Station Abe no Sou" "Teppan Kioi Saka" opening ceremony 【Breakfast campaign】
March, 2018
"First Cabin Kyoto Arashiyama" Press announcement guide of the exhibition
January 2018
"First Cabin Kyoto Arashiyama" Opening March 26 Determined
December 2017
December 2017 First Cabin Kyoto Kawaramachi Sanjo Press Information on special exhibition party
November 2017
First Cabin Kyoto Kawaramachi Sanjo opening date determined
September, 2017
First Cabin Hanshin Nishi Umeda opening date decision
September, 2017
First Cabin Nishiazabu opening decision
August 2017
First cabin TKP Ichigaya opening decision
August 2017
First Cabin TKP Nagoya Station Press Guide Introduction
August 2017
【First Cabin x Wacoal】 Collabo Project "Night Up Bra Experience Campaign"
July 2017
First Cabin TKP Nagoya Station reservation starts
May 2017
First Cabin TKP Nagoya Station opening decision
May 2017
Birth of "First Cabin Station"
April 2017
First Cabin Kyobashi Press Special Introduction
April 2017
First Cabin Nagasaki Press Special Intro Guide
March 2017
First Cabin Kansai Airport Press Special Intro Guide
March 2017
First Cabin Kyoto Sanjo (tentative name) opening decision
February 2017
First Cabin Kyobashi opening date decision
February 2017
First cabin Nagasaki opening date determination
February 2017
First Cabin Kansai Airport opening date decision
February 2017
"First Cabin Nihonbashi Yokayama Town" February 7 Information on special exhibition related to media news release
January 2017
First Cabin Kyoto · Arashi Denki opened "Arashiyama station building"
January 2017
Hanshin Electric Railway Co. opens in Nishi Umeda with the possession of owned real estate
December 2016
Establishment of a joint venture company with JR West and First Cabin
August 2016
First Cabin Kansai Airport · Opened in Nagasaki
March 2016
Notice on capital and business tie-up with TKP Co., Ltd.
February 2016
First Cabin Akasaka reservation starts
September 2015
Two offices in Tokyo (Akasaka / Kyobashi) opening decision! !
September 2015
First Cabin Atagoyama reservation starts
December 2014
First Cabin Tsukiji Opening Campaign
October 2014
Continuous opening in Tokyo for the Tokyo Olympic Games
May 2014
First Cabin Hakata Press Exhibition
May 2014
First Cabin Hakata Booking Started
April 2014
First Cabin 5th Anniversary Festival
January 2014
First Cabin Hakata opened decision
January 2014
Strengthening the financial base through capital increase
January 2014
FC Hakata opened
May 2013
FC Akihabara special price
January 2013
FC Akihabara opened
April, 2012
FC Haneda Terminal 1 opened
February 2011
FC Kyoto Karasuma 1st anniversary campaign
March 2010
FC Kyoto Karasuma special exhibition
January 2010
FC Kyoto Karasuma opened
September 2009
FC Midosuji Nanba Female Area Extension
September 2009
FC Midosuji Namba opened

Settlement information

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